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Обласноий огляд музеїв при навчальних закладах


Обласноий огляд музеїв при навчальних закладах


Activity of volunteering international ecological and archeological expedition “Castles of Transcarpathia” became quite well-known. It has both achievements and problems. However its educational function for school youth is indisputable. Practically in parallel with main expeditionary objective, here in relaxed atmosphere the future citizen is formed. It is supported by idea of expedition formation itself and also its sure socially important goals and objectives, that together with organizational moments are stimulating cognitive activity of pupils and develop their creative abilities. At the same time children could improve their health and set up friendly relations with each other. Traditionally representatives of different ages from Ukraine and abroad are coworking here with enthusiasm. Expedition has been operating with some pauses since 1990, but starting from 2001 it is functioning continuously. Basic or benchmark object of expedition activity is Nevickiy castle. Thus, we accumulated some experience, that requires more careful comprehension and probably some further distribution. 

General objective for long term realization of project “Castles of Transcarpathia” is to retrieve neglected castles of Transcarpathia as tourist and excursion objects.

Main objectives of expedition: cleaning the monuments of rubbish, bushes and trees, that are destroying castle constructions, arrangement of their security zones. Perfect archeological investigation of these objects and supporting of their further conservation, development of conception of their future (separate for each object) with possible transformation in museum in accordance with historical realities in particular chronological periods (basic object – Nevickiy castle). Attracting attention of authorities and international donating funds to emergency condition of castle’s constructions in Transcarpathia in order to organize immediate resolution of the most critical issues. According to acting legislation, with assistance of non-indifferent youth to protect the castles from unqualified projects of their readjustment into tourist bases, hotels, restaurants, etc., that endangers the authenticity of the monuments.

Additional objectives are as follows: organization of health improving for school youth in Transcarpathian region, popularization of historical and architecture landmarks of Transcarpathia and Ukraine in general, education of school youth (patriotic, labour and so on) both as provision of additional education to pupils (history, ethnology, archeology, legal aspects of historical and cultural monuments security, tourism basis).  

Organizers of expedition (we must admit that actually all works were fulfilled without targeted financing).

Originator and main organizer of the project is Transcarpathian Center of Tourism, ethnology, excursions and sports among school youth - out-of-school educational institution in system of Ministry of Education (look Decree of Ministry Cabinet of Ukraine from 6.05.2001 #433), took the responsibility of project execution coordinator. Scientific part of work is provided by Transcarpathian ethnological museum.

In different times works were financed on cooperational basis by following institutions: Administration of education and science of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, Administration of Youth and Sports at  Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, Transcarpathian Regional Committee of education and science officials Trade Union, international donating foundations (Carpathian and Euroclip).

General quantity of children who worked in frames of expedition equals to 4000 persons. Working day for all volunteers was not more than 5 hours (according to existing labor legislation) and was combined with excursions, sports, health improving programs and active recreation. The need to conduct special lessons with school youth appeared only occasionally on request and on topic selected by the listeners. Only input lesson was considered as obligatory, during which general characteristics of particular monument were explained, both as general objective of the project ant its current goals and tasks. It is explained by the fact that the form of work and daily life organization, that unites people of various age is stimulating individual curiosity of pupils. Actually the learning process was permanently given in free form of dialogue with older or more experienced members of team. We didn’t have a goal of professional orientation of school youth. We considered practical content of work and development of civil position of children and youth as more important issue. Still we had an opportunity to observe an impressive positive effect on pupils’ creative abilities development. They are permanent winners of city and regional competition at Minor Science academy in archeology specialization. Three of them became the winners of All-Ukrainian contest. Near two hundreds of students chose history as their profession.       

What have we succeeded in? Nevickiy castle. The landmark was completely cleared of bushes, trees and rubbish. We collected and stocked about 250 cubic meters of castle’s stones. Also about 10% of castle was investigated by archeologists. Two thirds (2/3) of castle ditch was reconstructed. Cultural layers and construction horizons of landmark were defined.  We accumulated unique collection of archeological material (it is stored in funds of Transcarpathian Ethnological museum). Material significantly complements our idea about daily life of medieval feudal castle and will be a priceless source for renewal of castle’s interior.      

Cleaning of the castle led to significant increase in tourist flow visiting the castle. At the present moment it equals 75 thousands visitors per season. If compared with first field season (1990) its quantity was less than 5 thousands attendees.

General cost of works fulfilled makes more than 1 million UAH (according to normative documents related to archeological excavation). Total amount of expenses spent on expedition maintenance during whole period of its operation equals only half of these number.

Lets try to imagine possible economic and educational effect in scope of state? Since there are hundreds of monuments similar to Nevickiy castle in Ukraine. The question arises if the state really doesn’t have funds for maintenance of castle architecture landmarks. Is it inevitable that these objects would be transformed into private property? We have already pointed to ministries in charge for huge reserve of organizational and financial funds. Still our suggestions are being ignored despite powerful educational aspect of such work organization type.

Castles of  Khust and Seredne. We conducted single cleaning of monuments and collection of lifting material.

Problems (or, that were not solved yet)

The lack of targeted financing endangers the whole existence of expedition. Nevickiy castle, as landmark of national value is a property of the State and should be secured by it. That is why State should immediately help solving the issue. Investments of international donating funds is also impossible without leasing and security commitments. We consider as negative the fact that independent administration of cultural legacy security at Transcarpathian Regional State Administration was eliminated.

Is it worth doing to rise the issue of volunteers movement organization as tourist product in mentioned direction?

The world experience indicates that at some kind of organization level not only historical, architectural and archeological landmarks, but also research and scientific expeditions itself (firstly archeological), large scale public actions related to sanitary and ecological cleaning, performance of conservation and renewal works at places of historical interest could become some kind of tourist product too. It is understood that in these cases volunteers could perform only additional functions in works, that don’t require experience and professional learning.

The cost of similar tourist product is really cheap, and this fact grants some additional attractiveness to internal, both as international tourism. In this case, consumer of tourist products is rather specific. In general they are representatives of intellectually and esthetically advanced youth, who are physically weathered and able to accept extreme conditions. 

Indisputable and efficient stimulator of proposed direction development is understanding of general historical roots of civilized society, general future and significance of all historical and cultural landmarks as elements of common human values.  While developing this direction, it is possible to avoid redundant politicization in different movements - Green, anti-globalists and others, and also to direct young positive energy of non-indifferent forces in constructive direction.  

What is the benefit of state from such movements?

Organization of proposed direction on state level could give a lot of benefits. Those benefits and opportunities are as follows:

1. By means of volunteer movement, sanitary and ecologic cleaning to revive lots of historical architectural landmarks of Ukraine as tourist and excursion objects. At the same time it supports popularization of these landmarks and will make tourist market of the state more attractive for development of international tourism.

2. Involvement of volunteers teams like low qualified workers and assistants at the stage of investigation, conservation and restoration results in cost decrease of mentioned works and, in the end, to bigger amount of performance.

3. Popularization of this work direction on international level enables attraction of specific tourist.

4. Adopting of program or provision on state level will lead to budget sanitation of school youth in our country as much cheaper and more profound, as far as work of volunteer teams has immense cognitive effect, elements of labor, patriotic education. It also gives pupils elementary tourist skills.

Difficulties with organization of such camps and expeditions.

In our deep belief in order to elaborate program on state level, representatives of plenty of ministries, committees and institutions should get involved.

It is caused by the fact that landmarks are under protection of Ministry of culture and tourism of Ukraine and its contemporary department – State service of cultural legacy protection. These institutions are the ones who issue “Permissions” concerned to works performance.

Permission for works at places of archeology interest are given personally to representatives of related scientific institutions (without right for sub-transferring) presented by Institute of Archeology at National Academy of Sciences (“Open letter” – document which affirms relevant scientific and field qualification).

Ministry of Education and Science conducts different All-Ukrainian ethnological expeditions of school youth, and together with Ministry of Youth and Sports – activities related to health improvement of school youth in Ukraine.

State labor committee of Ukraine regulates labor relations and is providing labor security and protection by issuing related normative documents.

It is indisputable that a lot of historical and architectural landmarks of Ukraine are in dangerous state. Still some people are visiting them, putting their life and health under risk. This issue, as well as issue of dangerous objects arrangement is under control of Emergencies Ministry.

Cleaning of landmarks territories from trees that are destroying castles constructions this way or another are connected with issues relating to jurisdiction of Ministry of ecology and natural resources. Placement of field camps is impossible without elaboration of appropriate norms of sanitary and epidemiological protection by State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service.    

Development of this direction is possible only at exact terms of agreement between licensed tourist companies and specialized research and scientific organizations. On the first stage the lightly controlled state tourist centers of school youth, that have All-Ukrainian network, could be the basic ones. Centers are executives of All-Ukrainian movements and expeditions of school youth, that are conducted on behalf of Ministry of Science of Ukraine and have appropriate staff and huge experience of field actions among youth. However, unfortunately, their material and technical basis are rather poor.

One of the most critical problems is the lack of precise modern recommendations concerning sanitary and epidemiological protection for field conditions in tourist hikes and expeditions, that could be laid in estimated cost, in such way converting sanitary and epidemiological inspection from control and banning institution into effective interested actor of field activities.

Dzembas O.V.,

Head of International Ecological and Archeological Volunteer Expedition “Castles of Transcarpathia”,

Methodist of Transcarpathian Center of Tourism, Ethnology, Excursions and Sports among school youth.


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